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RIZOMA Residency

RIZOMA Residency is a first fully equipped open platform in Ukraine which allows for living and creating shows, festivals and educational programs of contemporary circus, dance and theater .

Who is our platform for

Solo players and groups
creating their own staging in need of a rehearsal base
Curators and managers
organizing the work of performative teams
Performers and artists
looking for open calls and educational programs
Lecturers and professors
searching for a space for intensive group training
Children’s schools teachers
planning intensive courses out of the school premises
Therapy groups coaches
looking for suitable space for DMT, art, other therapy intenses

Now at the Residency

Create your own projects based on our services or choose among the open programs.

Studio residency
Accomodation and using the stage and training space
Services for the artists
Useful options for creating your own production
Space for rent
For concerts, festivals and educational events

We’re building a full cycle platform helping independent artists turn their production to life, from an idea to the portfolio

Hardware RIZOMA is a resource base of the residency allowing up to 45 people to live and work simultaneously

Software RIZOMA is a number of services that you can use at various stages of production

How it works

Team up, settle in, and work in our performance space
Team up, settle in, and work in our performance space
Create a portfolio of the new show with a professional filming crew

Studio residency

Get your team together under one roof out of town and dive into the creative process

Accommodation and meals for up to 40 guests.
Stage space
Theatrical stage and training hall are available 24/7.


Useful services to help you create your own production 



Anton Ovchinnikov
President and co-founder of UA Contemporary Dance Platform. Director of the Zelyonka FEST Contemporary Dance Festival. Choreographer, performer, producer

RIZOMA Residencу is the perfect place to create your own contemporary dance works, especially for young artists. Because it’s in this kind of place, where everything necessary is provided – ​​things like a rehearsal room, a theatrical stage with technical equipment, comfortable living conditions – it’s a place where you can focus on your own creative process and be totally engaged in it, as they say, 24/7, and not to be distracted by the things you have to deal with all the time when you’re living at home.  

Katharina Ludwig
Master Student of Movement Research at Anton-Bruckner-Universität Linz Choreographer of Artil project 2019

RIZOMA marks the first residency of my piece for the Artil Project. I perceived RIZOMA as a very good start for a creation process, as you work in an isolated environment. Surrounded by nature, the residency place eases creative struggles and prevents distraction. These circumstances allow you to focus completely on the work with the dancers, musicians and set designers who are also on-site. I appreciate the close working environment that RIZOMA creates and the creativity that comes out of such a process. 

Dr Richard Coaten
Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist (RDMP) UK Teacher of the International DMT educational program by BioSoft Institute

Rizoma is very atmospheric and well equipped. It helps people to release their tensions and inhibitions and let go into the residential experience, which has learning about and experiencing the transformatory power of Dance Movement Therapy at the heart of it. It has a large garden where it is possible to do morning movement practice, and evening relaxation with live music and singing around a fire-pit at night. A great place to teach and to learn, and the food and accommodation are excellent too.



Artil 2019
Artil is an international contemporary dance project for young choreographers that combines an art incubator and a mini-festival.

7 choreographers from Ukraine, Austria and Poland were developing ideas of their own performances in the nourishing atmosphere of mentoring and experiment. The ready-made performances were presented in Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Vienna and Linz.
The art of circus – the art of dance
The collaboration project of three children's schools: Totem Dance School, RIZOMA Kids and Start Point Dance Studio from Kyiv, Berdychiv and Rivne. The focus of the study was the interaction of two directions of the performing arts – contemporary circus and dance.

73 young artists changed their approach to training for 20 days: dance students were developing their acrobatics skills, and circus students were polishing their choreography to create a joint performance “And the morning came.”
A workshop for choreographers led by Jesse Zaritt, American Dance Festival
From July 27 to August 2, 2019, Jesse Zaritt taught contemporary dance composition and techniques to 20 choreographers from different cities of Ukraine.

The main question of the workshop was how can solo dancing practices use the experience of dealing with others and become a way of building complex associative relationships with the world instead of leaving the artists alone with themselves. 
We’ve created a professional base for circus, dance and theater, and are open to projects in other fields of art



To speed up the residency booking process please fill in the form with the details of your request. We’ll study the application and make up an offer for you in 24 hours.

In case of any urgent questions you might be having, please contact us via this email or phone number: +380 (67) 888 50 31

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We’ll study the application and make up an offer for you in 24 hours.

In case of any urgent questions you might be having, please contact us via this email or phone number: +380 (67) 888 50 31
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