RIZOMA Residency

RIZOMA Residency is a stage hub that specializes in contemporary circus art, hosts representatives of the dance segment and is open to projects in other arts.

Main areas of activity

A full-cycle studio-residency that serves as a rehearsal and training space, as well as a system of services that help circus, dance and theater artists create productions from a concept to a finished portfolio.
A platform for the implementation of various forms of projects, such as educational programs, art incubators, festivals, and different types of research.
Project activities: implementation of educational, training, festival and other spheres for children, professional artists and amateurs.
Children’s circus studio: affordable professional circus education for children of Berdychiv and nearby towns and villages.


The residency was opened by Anatoliy Zalevsky in 2006 on the basis of the art studio of his own theater RIZOMA Show.

In 2019 a number of services for artists were launched in test mode, featuring the services of the theater’s own workshops, and services based on collaborations with niche specialists.

In 14 years of work on the site, more than 25 circus and modern dance performances have been created here. Artists from Du Soleil circus, the Artil art incubator, programs of Zelenka Space Up festival and BioSoft Institute have all repeatedly been based in the residence.

educational programs
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To serve as a springboard for the development of circus and other areas of performing arts and to create conditions for developing the creative individuality of artists and amateurs from Ukraine and the world.

Our residency promotes

Economic emergence of private groups and career development of the artists of the circus and other areas of performing arts.
Development of the professional community in Ukraine and formation of ties between Ukrainian and foreign artists, artists and producers.
Creative development of children and youth of Berdychiv and others through the implementation of educational programs and festivals.
Emergence of the city of Berdychiv as a center of performing arts in Ukraine and abroad, as well as increasing the tourist appeal of the region.
The main value of RIZOMA is the harmonious development of a creative individual. In the future, RIZOMA seeks to move closer to the status of an institute of harmonious human development and make programs for artists and amateurs, aimed at both creative and spiritual aspects.
Anatoliy Zalevsky

Our team

Anatoliy Zalevsky
Founder, ideologist

Ideologist of festivals and residency programs. Directs productions at the request of residents. Founder, director, producer of the RIZOMA Show.

Winner of the gold medal of the The World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow in Paris and the Golden Clown award of the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo. Honored Artist of Ukraine.

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Olga Krytska
Administrative directress, choreographer

Olga teaches dance and creates choreographic productions at the request of residents.

Olga is also responsible for communication and service quality. It’s her you communicate with during the application process and on any questions regarding space and services while working at the residence.

Formerly a circus artist and choreographer. Performed at the RIZOMA Show. Worked on the choreography of a number of numbers for the troupe of the Du Soleil circus.

Stanislava Vakula
Choreographer and directress

Directs productions at the request of the residents.

Directress and producer of the Rizoma Show Theater and Rizoma Kids Children’s Circus Studio. Has been working as a choreographer and circus director in Ukraine and abroad for over 16 years.



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In case of any urgent questions you might be having, please contact us via this email or phone number: +380 (67) 888 50 31

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We’ll study the application and make up an offer for you in 24 hours.

In case of any urgent questions you might be having, please contact us via this email or phone number: +380 (67) 888 50 31
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