Anatoliy was born on April 20, 1974 in the town of Berdychiv, Zhytomyr region. At the age of five, the parents sent the active boy to a local circus studio. Studying there under the guidance of Valentin Motsnyi, he became enthusiastic and later chose the circus as his future profession.


Mahmud Esambayev Prize for the best graduation number of the Circus School, 1995

Gold medal of The World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow, in Paris, 1998

Golden Clown award of the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo, 1999

Winner of the “Traumtänzer” International Festival in Germany, 1999

Man of the Year in the nomination “Pop Star of the Year”, 1999

Honored Artist of Ukraine, 1999

Award from the “Tavria Games” Ukrainian Festival “for the promotion of Ukrainian art abroad”, 2000

Medal of Honor from the Prime Minister of France Lionel Jospin, 2002

Order of Merit of the town of Berdychiv, 2005

From 1991 to 1995 he studied at the Kyiv Academy of Circus And Variety Arts under Viktor Kuvshinov, Oleksiy Bytkin and Mykola Baranov, majoring in hand balancing. In the fourth year he started working in the show of Boris Moiseev. After graduating from the academy he performed on the stages of Kyiv nightclubs Joss and Hollywood. It was during this period that Anatoly began his intuitive search for his own style.

The club stages had many limitations in comparison with the traditional circus venue, thus the creation of spectacular numbers required a special kind of ingenuity from the artists. One of the stages was covered with a slippery surface, which, as it turned out, allowed for the new qualities of gymnastic movements. Experimenting with the techniques of hand balancing act on this kind of floor, Anatoliy created his number “One Man’s Dream” in a new technique and expressive style. The latter was later named soul circus.

And although at the stage of creation the number got mixed reviews, it quickly gained popularity among the public. During this time, Anatoliy’s partnership with the producer Takvor Baronyan was established, who later helped implement a number of Anatoliy’s projects and contributed to the formation of the soul circus style.

Dominique Mauclair, director of the The World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow, arrived to Kyiv at Takvor’s invitation. He praised Anatoliy’s number and invited him to participate in the next competition.

Thus, in January 1998, at the 21st World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow in Paris, Anatoly presented his “One Man’s Dream” number and won a gold medal, and the official website of the festival called the artist “the undisputed star of this year”.

The festival actively discussed the revolutionary balancing act on the slippery surface, proposed by Anatoly. This technique of performing without props, using only the physical strength and artistic resources of the balancer became the hallmark of Zalevsky in the following years.

Later, in 1999, at the 23rd International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo, Zalevsky presented the already legendary number again and received the highest award – the Golden Clown.

Takvor Baronyan and Anatoliy Zalevsky at a social event.

Thus, “One Man’s Dream” became the most attractive for circus producers. Zalevsky toured the world, participated in the Oscar ceremony production, was awarded a personal invitation to the ball from Queen Elizabeth II. In 2011, at the invitation of Cirque Du Soleil, Anatoliy introduced his legendary number to the show “Zarkana”, which he worked with for two years in Moscow, New York and Madrid.

The world community recognition gave Anatoliy the impetus to launch several new projects that would have allowed him to embody his own plastic and philosophical vision of the circus art. In 1998 he founded the RIZOMA Theater and staged a show of the same name, in which he performed not only as an artist, but also as a director, set designer and production designer. The first show premiered in Germany and toured Europe for a long time.

According to Anatoly, apart from the fascination with acts, the circus should bring the audience a philosophical experience that will make them think, reflect, just like watching a drama. This is how the idea of staging a show in the theater was born.

Together with Takvor they managed to arrange it with the Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama.

In 2014, the new version of Anatoly’s show “Rizoma Time” premiered at the full capacity. In the next 5 years, the team presented an updated version of the show every season and traditionally began its European tour with performances at Kyiv venues, including Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater, Opera House, International Center of Culture and Arts and others.

Source Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus, 1987

Rhizome (from French: rhizome «rootstock») — one of the most important concepts in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. It must oppose the unchanging linear structures of being and thinking, and describes the event. The event is considered a connection between bodies, something, that is “within what is happening”, that is, pure expression.

The concept of “rhizome” became the most accurate reflection of Anatoliy’s philosophical views, which were formed under the influence of the ideas of postmodernism and the teachings of Osho and Gurdjieff.

Anatoliy Zalevsky’s Soul circus is a synthesis of an act and drama, where an artist broadcasts emotions and feelings through their body. In addition to a high level of artistry, these performances have philosophical plots that appeal to the deep thoughts and feelings of the audience.

I broadcast the thought to the viewer through body movement. Through the movement of my body, I can express the widest range of feelings, so much that people start crying at the concerts. Soul circus is a soul that speaks the language of the body.

In the next 10 years, Anatoliy created a cultural center in his hometown of Berdychiv, which to this day serves as a platform for the theater, children’s circus school and stage residence.


Number «One Man’s Dream»

Show «Equilibrium», 2014



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